Cool Mathematics Activities for Kids: Stroller Number Fun

Periodically we come up with a genius activity at our house ... 

meanings that it is one that BOTH kids enjoy as well as is a hit 

for hrs over and over!


A few short weeks ago my next-door neighbor provided us a few of 

her infant dolls and playthings. My children currently each have a 

pink stroller and also they invest lots of time racing their 

cabbage patch dolls around your house in their strollers. My child 

is frequently composing brand-new ready them that entail running 

and going after (something I allow my children to do in certain 

components of our house).


Considering that my little individual is truly thinking about 

numbers as well as checking, we determined to develop some 

stroller races that entailed checking, number recognition, and 

also enhancement.


We got hold of a bathtub of our ball pit rounds as well as brought 

them to our racing area. I noted off the beginning and finish 

line, got some paper plates as well as stuck some numbered 

notecards on them, and after that placed them at the finish line.


Then we got started with the video game!


Each child got their own plate with a number on it. My young child 

got simple numbers (1-3) and my son had harder numbers (6+).


They had to take a look at the number on their plate, fill up 

their stroller with that said numerous rounds (I aided my toddler 

obviously!), and after that race to fill out their plate with the 

right number of spheres!


Once their plates were filled up, we counted the rounds, made sure 

they had the ideal number, and then put them back in the strollers 

as well as raced back and also place them in their bathtub ... and 

afterwards we began across again!


As the video game advanced, I made it trickier for my boy by 

including two numbers to his plate. He needed to include them with 

each other and then placed the amount of both numbers on his 



Sometimes he required greater than one stroller to obtain them 

there ... so he obtained imaginative! His little sister enjoyed 

helping him!


This was such an excellent movement task that also urged 

understanding- our favorite form of learning activities for  



I assume we will certainly be using this activity to show a 

selection of other discovering abilities considering that it was